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Upon install complete- the hot tub will not work!We called Aquamarine and they said to look up the manufacturer online and work it out with them.

WHAT? IT's NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO GET A POOL/HOT INSTALLED IN WORKING ORDER!!!! Seriously- it didn't work the day it was installed!!!! Only one provider of the manufacturer is in our area and they are not interested in coming to take a look.

We are simply screwed. We bought a faulty hot tub and haven't been able to use it once.

It's sad, because we waited until get on their schedule, and now- the kids can't use the pool OR HOTTUB!

Review about: New Inground Pool Poor Quality.

Do not buy a pool from AquaMarine Pools!No Customer Service!

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My husband and I chose this company becuase the Salesman said he'd be with us through the entire process, Ha!

We spent over 30K on an inground pool- we saw our salesman for 20min on install day and he said our slide that was supposed to be instock when we signed the contract was now on back order?

A week later the slide still didn't arrive and we had to call the company to get the specs for the concrete guy so we could at least get that done!

After concrete the final phase was the "clean and treat" - You would think that meant they would actually clean and polish the pool? Nope, Ran the vacuum once and didn't bring any chems with them.

Tried to get me to sign that they polished the pool-

When I called the CO ,2 stories given- out of polish and no longer polished pools?

And the slide...that's the worst part! Slide didn't fit the dimensions that Aquamarine gave our concrete guy. When I called and asked if they had another slide in stock to fit- they said it would be another 225.00- for their mistake! Kept telling me they would just give me $1,300 for a $3,000 slide and be done with it and us.

Once they got their money they didn't care about the customer service anymore. We had to get nasty before they would even deliver a slide to our home and they didn't even install it! Even though it fit perfectly and didn't need to be bonded becuase it was resin.

We felt completely dissed, esp after paying this much money and saving for 6 years for our dream pool and it turned into a nightmare!

The salesman who said he'd be there to the end? Never answered any of our calls and we haven't heard from him since the pool was delivered!




I purchased a pool from this company several years ago. I unfortunately believed that they would do what they promised but the owner apparently trains his employees on how to lie. This owner wants your money and does not care about anything else.

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